Real Life Success Stories

Name: Dan Smith
AccountantReason for coming to Eric: Having suffered from a collapsed lung in 2012, I had settled into a rut where I was doing less and less as time went by. Aside from putting on weight, I was becoming more and more of a misery to myself and the people around me.
Highlight of my training experience: Highlight of my training experience: After just a year of training with Eric, I am fitter, healthier and happier than I have been in a very long time. Life is fun again. Walking the dogs is no longer a chore and exhausting. My biggest success is that I have booked a five day walking trek in Morocco. Something that was inconceivable to me just 12 short months ago!

Name: Sue Dodd
Age: 41
Profession: PA 
Reason for coming to Eric: Overweight, depressed, fed-up.
Highlight of my training experience: The day I pedalled to the top of Bluebell Hill without having to stop! I have since done the short version of the Scottish 3000 and the Viking Costal Ride. Life is good again!

Name: Vanessa Murray
Age: 53
Profession: Mother of three, director
Reason for coming to Eric: I had hit the bottom. Period.
Highlight of my training experience: The weightloss was good but more importantly is my health. I have never felt this good. My training and nutrition are second nature to me.

Name: Kevin Murphy
Age: 57
Profession: Father of two, CEO - ExCel London
Reason for coming to Eric: My work was killing me, I knew I had to do something.
Highlight of my training experience: 4 1/2 years on I'm still here. With each birthday I feel stronger and healthier than the year before. I'm more focused physically and mentally than ever. Finding someone who is always honest with me, even when I may not want to hear it.

Name: Paul Negus
Age: 47
Profession: Interior decorator
Reason for coming to Eric: Severe back pain due to an accident coupled with depression. Was told I must lose weight and get healthy before any consideration for surgery.
Highlight of my training experience: Reduced my medication by two thirds. Surgeon has postponed my surgery indefinitely as it may no longer be necessary. I am now able to work up to four days a week and sometimes more. I have my life back. This program has instilled in me a feeling of confidence I have never had before. I can do anything!

Name: Prathayini
Age: 41
Profession: Veterinary Surgeon
Reason for coming to Eric: Within two years I had surgery on both knees for ACL tears. My initial goal was to get strong and healthy enough to continue working.
Highlight of my training experience: I will now retire of old age not poor health. An extra bonus of this is that I fulfilled my life long dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on my 40th birthday! I am now climbing, swimming and snorkelling pain free.

Name: Dan Caprice
Age: 21
Profession: Professional Rugby Player
Reason for coming to Eric: To learn about sports nutrition and supplementation
Highlight of my training experience: Winning the Dubai 7's leg of the World Series with the England 7's. Being signed by Biarritz Rugby Club. Hiring Eric to handle my nutrition and strength and conditioning gave me the edge to compete at an elite level.

Name: Gwyn Bowen
Age: 50
Profession: Account Executive
Reason for coming to Eric: Clinically Obese, I had hit rock bottom.
Highlight of my training experience: Walking into a store and buying a normal size suit. Wearing shorts ath the beach. Going to the beach! Not only making it up two flights of stairs in my house, but running up two flights of stairs, skipping every other step. Its like doing everything again for the first time!

Name: Simon Hansford
Age: 46
Profession: Father of one, owner - The Nook Pet Partners Ltd
Reason for coming to Eric: Alcohol abuse, ballooned to 18.5 st, exhausted.
Highlight of my training experience: Healthy and sober for the birth of my first child in 2009. Completing the Trans Alps race in 2010. An 8 day stage race across the Alps. My business has never been more profitable.

Name: Jane Edwards
Age: 55
Profession: Mother of three, Science Teacher
Reason for coming to Eric: Lack of motivation, tired, so unfit I stopped doing all the things I used to do.
Highlight of my training experience: Eric's knowledge and experience have enabled me to get stronger and reach a level of fitness I never before would have dreamt of. I am hiking, cycling, scuba diving and swimming once again. I have completed the London to Brighton bike ride and the Viking Costal ride. Bottom line, I couldn't have done it without Eric.

Name: Melissa Finch
Age: 42
Profession: Housewife
Reason for coming to Eric: Obese, miserable with my appearance, advised by my doctor to lose weight, the thought of having to shop at "Evans".
Highlight of my training experience: Being able to attend social functions without having the same old arguments with my husband about clothes. Regaining a sense of pride in myself. You can't buy that at any price!

Name: Steve Brooks
Age: 45
Profession: Father of two, equity derivatives broker
Reason for coming to Eric: Something was missing.
Highlight of my training experience: Finally, an exercise and nutrition program that fits into my lifestyle perfectly. It's challenging, enjoyable and rewarding.

Name: Paula Sterling-Stead
Age: 48
Profession: Mother of two, commercial business manager
Reason for coming to Eric: Desperate, 8 years of fighting my weight. No social life. Embarrased. Back surgery caused in part by my excess weight.
Highlight of my training experience: Eric will not accept excuses. I now have a complete understanding of food and my body which means no more dieting. I can shop where-ever I want and I'm socialising again with my friends and colleagues.

Name: Fiona Cloke
Age: 44
Reason for coming to Eric: Last Christmas I was told by a stroke specialist that I needed to lose 2 stone by October 2012 or I could be heading for another stroke.
Highlight of my training experience: I started my weightloss program on 26/12/2011. When I rang Eric I had lost 1 stone 2 lbs and was giving up as I had little motivation. I made the phone call in April to Eric and since then I have lost in excess of 3 stone* and there is more coming off by the week. My fitness levels have increased and I am about to embark on a 5k charity run (something I thought I would never be able to achieve). With Eric's help, encouragement and support my life has been given back to me - I feel so much healthier, happier and alive.

Name: Julia Brooks
Age: Top Secret!
Profession: Mother of two, Business Woman
Reason for coming to Eric: Bored, fed-up
Highlight of my training experience: Running my first 5K. Learning a whole new perspective to my training. Never a dull moment!

Name: Carrie Bailey
Age: 35
Profession: Mother of one, HR Manager
Reason for coming to Eric: Put on three stone after the birth of my son. I just couldn't shift the last stone and I was bored.
Highlight of my training experience: Lost the stone, that was easy. Eric is a no nonsense kind of guy. Tough, but listens. The biggest thing I got out of all of this is that Eric has taught me that you're never done. Embrace the the challenge and enjoy it. That kind of philosophy fits me well. For the first time I look forward to workouts and have fun doing them.

Name: Chris Elmore
Age: 36
Profession: Father of one, Electrician
Reason for coming to Eric: Exercise and eating healthily has always been a part of our life but I was terribly bored. I wanted someone to come in and give me a fresh approach.
Highlight of my training experience: Losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. I have a whole new attitude towards my training. I can put together a great workout in 30 minutes or an hour. The nutritional guidance was invaluable. You don't know what you don't know!

Name: Helen Brown
Age: 37
Profession: Mother of two, full time Events Manager
Reason for coming to Eric: First experience to tone my body and get healthier. Second experience was after the birth of my first child.
Highlight of my training experience: First, fitting into my wedding dress. With two children and a full time job I'm still at it! Eric is very good at putting life into perspective. He helps you see things from an angle you had never seen before.


* Disclaimer - Weight loss and performance claims are based on the individual. The amount of Weight Loss and Health Benefits will be different for each individual based on their time spent exercising and their diet.

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